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  • Guidance for writing all sections of a manuscript
  • Write your manuscript online and collaborate with co-authors
  • Easily find and submit to the best suited journal


  • Online courses covering:

    • Manuscript development
    • How and when to find the right journal
    • International ethics and practices
    • Using the IMRaD structure
    • Navigating the peer review process
  • Search over 28,000 journals and 12 million abstracts
  • Search by:
    • Keyword
    • Field of study
    • Journal name / Publisher
  • Enter your abstract to find journals that have published relevant papers


Dr. Trevor Lane, the Education Director of Edanz Group, has started our Edanz Academy Blog as a useful source of tips and advice for publishing your research findings, enhancing your professional career, and communicating your research to the world. 

Click HERE to see it.


Our Latest Downloadable Resources

Tips for writing a research paper - IMRAD (Infographic)

This infographic helps provide tips for how to write original research papers.


Writing a research paper: Part 1 - The Ebook

This Ebook, along with its infographic, will provide you with tips on how to write original research articles efficiently and completely.

Tips for Selecting A Journal (Infographic)

This infographic provides tips for how to select and shortlist appropriate target journals.


Choosing a journal for your manuscript - The Ebook

 This Ebook, along with its infographic, will provide you with tips on how to select and shortlist appropriate target journals for your academic paper.

Publisher Resources

Are you a publisher who wants to give your authors English Language support?


Manuscript Preparation

Here we look at some useful online organizational tools to help keep you on top of your projects, and take the hassle out of staying organized

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Publication Ethics

As an associate member of COPE, Edanz supports the current industry standards in publication and research ethics. We practice this commitment through transparent and ethical services, as well as offering guidance to authors should an ethical issue arise with their manuscript.

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Journal Selection

Here we talk you through the various factors you should consider when deciding which journal you will submit your research to for publication.

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Submitting Your Manuscript

Our guidelines to submission will help to ensure that you have completed everything that you need before committing to submission.

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Peer Review

Peer Review can be a complicated and confusing process for authors, here you can learn more about the process, the requirements and responsibilities upon the author and how best to navigate the entire process.

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Article Promotion

Congratulations, your article has been published. Now we look at how best to let the world know about it!

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Best Practices

Adhering to best practices can help to make your research and communication of that research more efficient, ensuring that you can spend time concentrating on the areas that deserve your attention.

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