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Recently we have made some changes to the order process to give you better security and faster processing. This page contains step-by-step instructions on how to complete your Edanz orders.

Authors who wish to receive support for their Edanz fees from FTM are now required to:

  1. Receive a quotation document from Edanz
  2. Submit it to the Office of Research Services for approval
  3. Create an Edanz account and place their order through the Edanz website 

See below for instructions


Getting a Quotation Document, Applying for Support, & Completing Your Order

FTM may provide financial support (up to USD $350) for your Edanz fees.

To receive support from FTM you will need to submit a quotation document to the FTM Office of Research Services. 

The Office of Research Services will then issue you an Edanz coupon that can be used to pay for your Edanz fees.

You will then need to visit our the Edanz order page for FTM authors, complete the order form, and upload your files. The Edanz order page for FTM authors:

You can order services that total more than the amount FTM is supporting you for, but you will need to pay the difference. If payment is required, it can be made during the order process.

You will be notified by email when editing is complete. Please login to your Edanz account to download your edited files.

If you need help at any time, you can get in touch with our Customer Support team via live chat, or contact us here.

What Services are Available?

All Edanz services are available to FTM authors, and all services can be purchased with coupons. Please see the list of services below.

Raise the language level of your manuscript to be publication ready with language editing by a native-English-speaking expert in your field.

Journal Selection

Get insight into which journals are most likely to accept your manuscript

Expert Scientific Review

Improve the content of your manuscript before submission

Abstract Development

Clearly and concisely summarize your research findings

Cover Letter Development

Clearly communicate the significance of your research to the journal editor

Reviewer Recommendation

Speed up the review process by recommending reviewers

Response Letter & Manuscript Check

Make sure you have responded correctly to reviewer's comments

Authors Without Support

Even if you will pay by yourself, you still have access to Edanz services at a discounted price! Follow the instructions below:

Edanz order page for FTM authors:


Creating An Edanz Account

To place an order you will need to create an Edanz account.


If you are a new customer, click below to create a new account


If you have used Edanz before, we have prepared an account for you. Click below and follow the instructions to claim your account.

Author Resources

Free resources  to support your writing and publication 

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